Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Not Hate Speech If You Are Liberal

I suppose liberals really can't help themselves. They seem to think that they are the guardians of all that is good and true. And in their minds the end result really does justify the means. That's why when they depict a gun pointing at Sarah Palin or a beheaded George Bush it's okey dokey. I mean it must be since MSNBC promotes haters on their network. What ever happened to journalism for God's sake? Facts people, just facts. I guess we are just too stupid since they spin the stories for us instead of letting us make up our own minds.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Focus on Fluoride Not CO2

Just reviewed a great video from Brasscheck TV of an interview with Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception. It is just amazing that Dr. Harold Carpenter Hodge, who helped choreograph human radiation experiments on unsuspecting and uninformed patients, was also a fluoride "researcher" who promoted adding fluoride to the water supply. Another bad actor was Dr. Robert Kehoe. He reassured citizens and scientists that adding industrial fluoride to the water supply was safe. The fact that he also defended the safety of adding lead to gasoline is rather worrisome.

Being reassured by Hodge and Kehoe is like being told by Josef Mengle that anesthesia is not required for surgery. Remember those old commercials where doctors promoted smoking? How about "DDT being Good For Me". Or when some of America's leading corporations got together and put lead, a known poison, into gasoline, for profit. Meanwhile, heroic doctors and researchers who found and published the truth about the dangers of fluoride had their reputations ruined. Some of these include:
  • Dr. George L. Waldbott - first to warn of the fatal allergic reaction to penicillin and first to warn of the dangers of emphysema due to smoking, was smeared by the Public Health Service for his opposition of fluoride.
  • Dr. William Marcus - a toxicologist who was fired for his opposition to fluoride.
  • Dr. Phyllis Mullenix - invented a new technology to study neurotoxicity of chemicals which found fluoride caused effects similar to attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity basically reducing the I.Q. of children. She was an industry funded, leading toxicologist at a Harvard affiliated research institute who was fired after her study was accepted for publication. She has been offered no academic research position since her objection to fluoride was made public.
I am hitting just a few of the high points. A more in depth article on this issue is How A Toxic Poison ended Up In Our Water by Chris Wark at his blog Chris beat cancer. He does an excellent job and gives suggestions on how to avoid fluoride.

Final point: 98% of Europe rejects water fluoridation, while only 24% of U.S. water supplies are NOT fluoridated.