Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, Now I Understand...It's Our Geography!

Thanks to Meg Whitman, republican candidate for Governor of California, I understand why California can't do anything about illegal immigration. It's our geography. Recently on on Talk Radio's America's Morning News she said:"...I don't think the Arizona law makes sense for California because we have a much bigger state with much bigger geography."  Well, if California's geography is so big, there is no hope that federal immigration law will be upheld, since by Meg's reasoning the U. S. has MUCH MUCH bigger geography. 

Aw, jeez, now I've got to choose between Governor Moonbeam and the Geography queen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama says: "It Could Be Worse!"

Frankly, I can't figure out why our economy is not booming right now. I'm sure nothing gives the country a bigger warm fuzzy than hearing President Obama's dulcet tones telling voters every chance he gets that things would be a lot worse if not for the stimulus bill and other steps he took. At least the recession never became a depression, the president says. There are no better words that instill a feeling of confidence than "It could be worse!" Although, blaming the media for an Obama administration gaff is also a confidence builder. Let's just hope the media doesn't have access to the nuclear button. It will be a real pain for Obama to have to blame them for an errant nuclear strike from a bunker located deep underground.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chemtrails? Real or Not? You Decide.

Compliments of This site is in Italian, so you will need to let Google translate it for you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

An Immigrant's Trip to Arizona

In retelling his naturalized mother's experience on a trip to Arizona "An Immigrant's Trip to Arizona, July 10, 2010", Hector Tobar tries to pull at our heart strings. His conclusion is that Arizona "Doesn't sound like a bad place to visit — if you don't mind carrying a passport."

Is that the big deal? That a naturalized citizen should be required to carry a passport or other document? I suppose driving my car around is nice, as long as I don't mind carrying my driver license (and proof of insurance ). And by the way, if I forget them and I'm driving, I feel scared.

Hector should tell his mother that instead of feeling sad because of the new Arizona law, she should feel sad for all the people who immigrated here legally, and who waited so long, being disrespected by those who feel they don't need to follow any "stinkin' U.S. laws".

Tell her I feel sad because I am considered a racist for wanting people to come to my country legally. Tell her I feel sad because we are not allowed to be a sovereign country. And last, but not least, tell her I'm sad that she had to leave the country of her birth. It is sad when your own country does not look out for it's own citizens and allows it to become so unbearable people will risk their lives to leave. I know exactly how she feels and so do the Arizonians.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Idiotic War on Raw Milk

From Mike Adams at
"Now the war is on. State and federal regulatory agencies, spurred on by the monopolistic business practices of the dairy industry, have set out to criminalize the sale of raw milk. They've raided raw milk resellers, arrested raw milk marketers and seized countless gallons of raw milk to be destroyed.

Raw milk, the bureaucrats say, is dangerous because it hasn't been sanitized yet. Raw milk is "dirty" while cooked, pasteurized or irradiated milk is "clean." And Big Brother thinks you're not supposed to eat "dirty" foods like raw milk. Nancy's note: Pasteurized milk does not have the bacteria removed from it. The bacteria in the milk is killed but still in the milk. So while, theoretically, the bacteria is incapacitated, you are still drinking their little dead bodies. Yum!

Sure, you can smoke yourself into a lifetime of cancer -- that's fully approved by the government. You can slather your body with personal care products laced with cancer-causing chemicals, because that's also approved by the government. You can drink brain-busting aspartame, chow down on diabetes-promoting MSG, or swallow any number of mouthfuls of processed foods laced with a thousand different synthetic chemicals that probably cause everything from cancer to Alzheimer's. Go take a swim in the Gulf of Mexico and soak up some Corexit dispersant chemicals -- the government doesn't protect you from any of that.

But raw milk? Well that's just too dangerous. It's all natural! And if you're the whored-out U.S. government -- now run by commercial interests -- natural is bad!"

For more information on the benefits of raw milk: