Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama's To Do List

1. Get Americans back to work
2. Stop economy from going down the toilet
3. Convince Americans climate change is caused by humans    (Americans, in particular)
4. Make decision to s**t or get off pot in Afghanistan
5. Design healthcare reform that ALL Americans can support
6. Figure out what to do about Iran and Korea's nuclear capabilities
7. Push for peace in the Mid-East

Forget all that. I need to do something important. I think Michelle and I will go to Denmark to convince the IOC to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Doesn't Make Sense

As stated above, I believe those who vote for this healthcare bill need to have to use the healthcare it provides. I also take issue the left's argument that the healthcare bill will cost less than what we have spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. The money has already been spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. Saying we need to spend more money we don't have on the healthcare bill because of the money ALREADY spent doesn't make sense. What else doesn't make sense is that in America we have citizens who don't see doctors or dentists because they can't afford it like the folks from Wise County, Virginia pictured here as they wait in line for the annual free clinic at the fairgrounds. See Link. We have citizens going to bed hungry because money went for rent instead of food. How can that be?
We have insurance companies increasing their investor's dividends by denying coverage or purging insurance policy holders because they have cost the company too much. This weekend a blogger named Ramona directed me to the Bill Moyers Journal on 7/31/09. He was interviewing Wendell Potter, who with almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before patients. It is an eye-opening account and I urge you all to watch it as you decide how this healthcare issue should be worked out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Lobby-Ho!* The rallying cry for the California legislature brought to us by that bastion of family values Assemblymember Mike Duvall-R, District 72. If you haven't all ready, you can read and hear the scummy details in the OC Weekly article by R. Scott Moxley here. Not only was he crude in describing his exploits to his assembly next-door neighbor Mr. "Let's Raise Taxes Even Though I Said I Wouldn't" Jeff Miller, he is Vice Chair of the Utilities and Commerce Committee and his dripping lobby-ho* reportedly works for Sempra Energy! He even had the guts to say his resignation was for telling unsuitable stories, and not because he was cheating on his wife with a lobbyist or two.

You know this is just the tip of the iceberg with these legislators. You know he is not the only one doing this. Bad enough they have to debase themselves, their families, their state and their office, they are doing it with our tax dollars. What better time to push for a part-time legislature as Citizens for California Reform are doing. CCR is committed to advancing more limited and transparent government. Access their site here to donate and/or download petitions.

So get involved, people. Get your friends and relatives involved. Get those petitions going. We've been complacent way too long.

Shout-out to my "5 O'Clock 'Spro-bros" at Javatinis who suggested this article.
*Lobby-Ho: coined by famed O.C. photographer  

George Katzenberger of Katzenberger Photography

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"You Lie!"...Fund Raising Ploy?

Some have suggested Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst was just a ploy to raise money for his re-election. Per an article at CNN: "The appeal for cash came as Wilson's Democratic opponent in next year's congressional race, Rob Miller, reported raking in $1 million as a result of the outburst during Obama's address to a joint session of Congress." Wilson's appeal for cash came AFTER his opponent "reported raking in $1 million" and the Democrats took advantage of the situation by saying the contributions made to Wilson's opponent are an example of the public outrage.

Can I assume those who want to stop Wilson's fund raising will also want to stop his opponent's fund raising since he too is taking advantage of the situation, albeit not one that he created?  As I have posted before, the Democrats are kicking themselves because none of their reps had the guts to call out Bush even with all of the terrible, horrible things he was doing. Although there was a lot of group grumbling during some of Bush’s speeches, I wish someone would have done what Joe Wilson did.  Joe Wilson is not helping to bring down the Constitution, he is bringing it to the forefront. What better way to protect it. The Democrats have actually had to reacquaint themselves with the document in order to figure out a punishment for Joe Wilson. Let's hope they keep reading.

The Dems have NO idea of the depth and breadth of outrage that a big part of America has. This administration has just brought it to a head. They delegate this outrage to the fringe right, to their own peril. This outrage is not just about healthcare, it's about bailouts, about takeovers and about increasing government intervention in our lives to our country's detriment. It is about not being heard. Joe Wilson spoke for us. It wasn't just Joe Wilson telling Obama "You lie!" it was America. Now the world knows what a large section of America thinks. We think Obama lies. And I think our Founding Fathers would be impressed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"You Lie!" and Half Truths

Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted out, “You lie!” when the President made the statement on illegal aliens not being able to access healthcare through HR 3200. There are those who feel this lack of decorum is just bad behavior and it was right for him to apologize.

Actually, I wish someone would have shouted out when Bush was President. Look what good behavior has gotten us so far. We put these politicians on pedestals and afford them a degree of respect very few of them deserve. They don't listen to us becauses they know better. They give themselves raises, debase their positions with corruption, and basically consider themselves in "rarified air", when they are meant to represent their constituents and do the people's work. Finally, someone stood up and called out a U.S. president with the truth. Rep. Joe Wilson didn't use obscenities, or call the president a Nazi, no he did something worse, he used the truth and spoke for many Americans.  And the president was forced to hear our cry.

Obama gets to slide through because he tells half truths, the most dangerous truths of all. Of course, there will be the knee-jerk reaction that the only reason someone stood up now is because he is bi-racial. That is B.S. That is their default response for everything. The left is just pissed off because with all their whining about the terrible, horrible things George W. Bush was doing, none I repeat NONE of the Democratic representatives had the cajones to challenge him to his face in front of the American people as did Rep. Joe Wilson.

Here is a link to an article titled "Listening to a Liar" by Thomas Sowell, a black man who has not allowed racists to keep him down.

Monday, September 7, 2009

"The Government Can" by Tim Hawkins

A brilliant video from Tim Hawkins skewering the government. He points out the greed and corruption in Washington D.C. with humor. Too bad it's all real.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones: Communist

I had just barely heard of Van Jones and now he is gone. What I had heard I couldn't believe until I heard him say it in his own words. But he is only a symptom of the bigger problem we face. What was President Obama thinking? There are a lot of us who believe Obama is leading this country closer and closer to socialism with every increase in government control. And placing a self-avowed communist in his administration only gives that belief more power. Some will poo-poo the fact that Van Jones was really just helping bring his people up from underneath the foot of whitey and not really a communist. And some will ask why we are prejudiced against communists.
I would tell you to ask all of those who gave their lives throughout the years fighting communism.

P.S. Anyone interested in checking out the never-ending list of Obama's czars, click here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Not About His Blackness, People!

"Bias" and "prejudice" toward Obama is why people are against Obamacare according to Rep. Charles Rangel(D-Manhattan). That would be the same Rep. Charles Rangel who is a repeat offender tax cheat. You've got a lot of nerve Rep. Rangel. Those of us who are against Obamacare and Obama is not because of his race, you dim-wit. It is because of corrupt politicians in our government. Bush's Administration was accused of being full of crooks. Yet the TRANSPARENT Mr. Hope and Change filled or tried to fill his administration with his own set of crooks (Geithner, Killefer, Daschle, Kirk, Solis...). So there is no CHANGE, except in the names. I can only HOPE he doesn't finish the job that Bush started and bring our country completely to its knees.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snarky, Sanctimonious Liberals

OK, I obviously lean conservative even though I was raised Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter in my first election.(Sorry.) That was before I started working and saw how much money was taken out of my paycheck in taxes. That being said, I believe neither Republicans or Democrats are really running the show(Bilderberg Group). The presidents are just puppets of the bankers.

I sometimes listen to liberal-leaning radio stations to hear the other side but usually have to turn it off because I can not stand their snarky, sanctimonious attitudes. Anyone who would dare have a different opinion than theirs is obviously stupid, or shall I say "progressively unenlightened", or the devil incarnate. This morning the host was talking about the healthcare bill and saying that if it passed, and our taxes would be going to pay for other peoples healthcare. And therefore we would have the right, the host expressed it as more of a duty, to set anyone straight who was about to dive into a Big Mac. To actually say to them, "Hey, how about backin' off from that burger, buddy!" Now I can not remember the last time I ate fast-food. I believe it is unhealthy, and those I work with know this because I am always reading the labels on things and pointing out the trans-fat or the high fructose corn syrup.

HOWEVER...I do not want the government telling me or anyone else what to eat. I'm all for education, so instead of the never-ending commercials on TV for all kinds of drugs, how about Big Brother putting on some commercials that would actually instruct people about nutrition? And I'm NOT talking about the "Got Milk?" propaganda from the dairy industry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now That's a Good Question!

Don Jeror, a registered Democrat, questioned Steny Hoyer at a town hall meeting in August:

"Why would you guys try to stuff a healthcare bill down our throats in three to four weeks when the President took six months to pick a dog for his kids?"

(Answer: Dogs are smarter than voters...)