Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, Now I Understand...It's Our Geography!

Thanks to Meg Whitman, republican candidate for Governor of California, I understand why California can't do anything about illegal immigration. It's our geography. Recently on on Talk Radio's America's Morning News she said:"...I don't think the Arizona law makes sense for California because we have a much bigger state with much bigger geography."  Well, if California's geography is so big, there is no hope that federal immigration law will be upheld, since by Meg's reasoning the U. S. has MUCH MUCH bigger geography. 

Aw, jeez, now I've got to choose between Governor Moonbeam and the Geography queen.

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  1. Beatifull. Never thot of it that way. We are sitting on a houseAcards; it doesn't matter if you're choose political parties. All shall come crashing down when the billionaires don't need the puppet prez anymore into chaos and anarchy. Cannot wait. If you're a Christian, I'll see ya soon Upstairs. God bless.