Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Called Disneyland NOT Ramadanland

Headline: Amish Man Refused Employement At Happiest Place On Earth
Peter vonVoren was refused employment at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA because of his religious beliefs. Amish men follow the law of the Hebrew scriptures with regards to beards. VonVoren has worn a beard since he married and refused to comply with the dress code at Disneyland (The Disney Look). He requested a special dispensation from Disney corporate office regarding his beard but has been told that Disney has a zero tolerance for beards.
Suppose the position my imaginary amish man was applying for was a character part as Prince Charming. Must we allow a bearded man to play Prince Charming? Doesn't Disney have a right to have a dress code? Disney has been known for its strict dress code, called the Disney Look, which has been in place since 1957. Anyone not wanting to comply with the dress codes need to look elsewhere for work.
In June, Disney for the first time allowed women to have bare legs when wearing skirts or dresses. Moustaches were banned until 2000. Beards are still banned.

Compare this story with that of the female employee insisting on wearing her hijab to work at Disney's Storybook Cafe. She was also made aware of the policy and complied until recently when she was advised that she didn't need to comply. (CAIR) She went to all the trouble to become an American citizen and instead of complying with Disney's dress codes as millions of other Americans have, she is filing a Federal lawsuit on the matter. Welcome to America. In Afghanistan she could have her nose and ears cut off for running away from an abusive husband under the strict interpretation of Islam , yet Disney is evil for having a dress code. Only in America...

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