Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones: Communist

I had just barely heard of Van Jones and now he is gone. What I had heard I couldn't believe until I heard him say it in his own words. But he is only a symptom of the bigger problem we face. What was President Obama thinking? There are a lot of us who believe Obama is leading this country closer and closer to socialism with every increase in government control. And placing a self-avowed communist in his administration only gives that belief more power. Some will poo-poo the fact that Van Jones was really just helping bring his people up from underneath the foot of whitey and not really a communist. And some will ask why we are prejudiced against communists.
I would tell you to ask all of those who gave their lives throughout the years fighting communism.

P.S. Anyone interested in checking out the never-ending list of Obama's czars, click here.

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