Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Not About His Blackness, People!

"Bias" and "prejudice" toward Obama is why people are against Obamacare according to Rep. Charles Rangel(D-Manhattan). That would be the same Rep. Charles Rangel who is a repeat offender tax cheat. You've got a lot of nerve Rep. Rangel. Those of us who are against Obamacare and Obama is not because of his race, you dim-wit. It is because of corrupt politicians in our government. Bush's Administration was accused of being full of crooks. Yet the TRANSPARENT Mr. Hope and Change filled or tried to fill his administration with his own set of crooks (Geithner, Killefer, Daschle, Kirk, Solis...). So there is no CHANGE, except in the names. I can only HOPE he doesn't finish the job that Bush started and bring our country completely to its knees.


  1. And isn't this the same Charles Rangel who upped the ante on IRS penalties due to innocent just mistakes on a tax return, as part of a provision in the health care, i mean insurance delivery, reform?

  2. I meant to say just upped the ante...mouse moved on me.