Friday, September 11, 2009

"You Lie!" and Half Truths

Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted out, “You lie!” when the President made the statement on illegal aliens not being able to access healthcare through HR 3200. There are those who feel this lack of decorum is just bad behavior and it was right for him to apologize.

Actually, I wish someone would have shouted out when Bush was President. Look what good behavior has gotten us so far. We put these politicians on pedestals and afford them a degree of respect very few of them deserve. They don't listen to us becauses they know better. They give themselves raises, debase their positions with corruption, and basically consider themselves in "rarified air", when they are meant to represent their constituents and do the people's work. Finally, someone stood up and called out a U.S. president with the truth. Rep. Joe Wilson didn't use obscenities, or call the president a Nazi, no he did something worse, he used the truth and spoke for many Americans.  And the president was forced to hear our cry.

Obama gets to slide through because he tells half truths, the most dangerous truths of all. Of course, there will be the knee-jerk reaction that the only reason someone stood up now is because he is bi-racial. That is B.S. That is their default response for everything. The left is just pissed off because with all their whining about the terrible, horrible things George W. Bush was doing, none I repeat NONE of the Democratic representatives had the cajones to challenge him to his face in front of the American people as did Rep. Joe Wilson.

Here is a link to an article titled "Listening to a Liar" by Thomas Sowell, a black man who has not allowed racists to keep him down.

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