Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Barry is Slicker than Willy

Just listened to part of the interview that conservative radio host Michael Smerconish had with President Obama on August 2oth. You can access it here. This link goes to part two and at 3:40 he is asked about illegal immigrants getting health insurance with this bill. He states unequivocally that the illegal immigrants are not eligible for health insurance under the healthcare bill, HR 3200. President Obama says when ever we hear that it does....well, "it is simply not true". OK, Mr. President, I believe you. In Sec. 246, page 143 of HR 3200 it boldly states No Federal Payment of Undocumented Aliens. So what is my problem, you ask? My problem is that there is nothing in the bill that prevents illegal immigrants from signing up. There is no provision to check on citizenship. You say, "well, they must have accidentally left it out and will put in an amendment about something as important as that." Apparently not because when an amendment was added to the bill to prevent illegal aliens from taking advantage of our healthcare bill , IT WAS VOTED DOWN. Possibly because in late June, the National Council of La Raza issued a statement DEMANDING that Congress give illegal aliens taxpayer -funded health care under this bill.

So I guess you could say that technically the president didn't lie, but he didn't exactly tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth either.


  1. Nancy, what conspiracy theory is it that you do not understand? HR3200 does not provide for health case for undocumented immigrants. therefore, in the absense of that, don't draw any other conclusions. I have worked at every level of government, from county to federal and I have been involved with making policy to enforcing agency policy. Believe me when I attest to this fact:undocumented immigrants have never legally received government aid, including medical. Further, what is the preocupation with illegals? Why the excessive intolerance against these people? Like it or not, many of those whom are hated so much, are the very same people as Native Americans. It's just that an insignificant place in time divided the historical corridor for native peoples.

    Thank you for posting a comment on my article on TPM re: dissent or dangerous precedent. I grew up with guns also. I continue to go shoot with my friends but disagree with extremist.

    Nonetheless, I've enjoyed reading your blogs.

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    Joseph Chez

  2. Nancy, you have highlighted one of the core problems with this health care discussion - the President says, and I believe he means it - that "No one is saying that.." or "This simply isn't true..." but he is speaking only for himself. His supporters, many in Congress, are demanding just the opposite. This is true from single payer universal health care to the illegal immigrant issues you site. The path around Obama's statement will either be the failure to enfore the law preventing illegals from accessing health care or it will be a broad amnesty program. Either way, the current plan is a stepping stone for a lot of different things, from illegals to single payer.

  3. Joseph,
    Thank you for visiting. The point of my post is that Obama tells half truths. No HR 3200 doesn't say it provides healthcare for undocumented immigrants. However, it also has nothing in place to confirm those who apply for it are legal residents of the U.S. Therefore, undocumented immigrants will be able to get this healthcare illegally, just like they can work illegally and get other services illegally. And I know this because I know someone who works for social services.

  4. Hello Nancy.

    I worked for the Social Security Adm. for 23 years as a program analyst and believe me when I say that the government is meticulous about determining eligibility. Notwithstanding, such issue is neglible to the broader scope of health care. At the county and state level, the rules are the same with the exception of humanitarian issues. As a Christian nation, would you deny providing medical care to an undocumented woman or child?

    Please e-mail me if you have any specific questions regarding this issue.