Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

It's kind of ironic that those "birthers" have come up with another version of your birth certificate right before your birthday, isn't it? I'm sure it is a nuisance. My question is why put up with this irritation. You have been to Iraq for which you would/should have been issued a Diplomatic Passport which requires the following: "For applicants born in the United States, a certified birth certificate from the state vital statistics office in the state in which you were born is required. Hospital-issued certificates will not be accepted. We can not accept photocopies of a birth certificate that have been notarized or certified as a true copy unless this was performed by the State vital records office." That means you would have to have a certified birth certificate. Why not put that in the public record? I'll tell you why, oh crafty one. As your main man Rahm Emanuel said about not wasting a serious crisis, you have decided not to waste a distraction. Could this plan really discredit the entire Republican party because a few birthers meltdown in frustration? I guess we shall see.

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