Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Reason for Uncivility at Town Hall Meetings

Open Letter to Congress:

Perhaps if the American people felt they were being listened to, unlike at this townhall meeting with Rep. Sheila Jackson who took a PHONE CALL while a woman told her story about her cancer treatment, we could have "calm debate" about the healthcare bill.

Perhaps if the American people didn't feel they were being lied to by an Obama delagate posing as a doctor in the audience like at this townhall meeting, we could have "calm debate" about the healthcare bill.

Americans are having townhall meetings like this because "calm debate" has gotten us nothing but a trillion dollar deficit, an un-stimulating stimulus, and a 1000+ page unread healthcare bill.

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  1. Hi Nancy----thanks for stopping by my site. First of all, youre a very attractive woman---second, very well informed. I like Steve Quayle alot actually, but Im an agnostic on religion, so when I say people are 'nutty' when they discuss religion, it's nothing personal. I write for PrisonPlanet. You can see all my PP articles by browsing down my site and clicking "PrisonPlanet" in the labels section. Your site looks very nice and well done. Keep up the good work. Oh and by the way, dont get into any debates with that other moron who posted on the thread with you "the-last-name-left'---he's the King of the trolls. He's a former 9-11 truther who believes Alex Jones is a fascist and 9-11 was not a cover up---but yet, I have schooled him on every "debate" we've had---until he turned into Joseph Goebbels and ended free speech on his blog---because I was annihilating him with facts.

    Wanna read something funny? Scroll down the right side of my blog and click the picture of David H Willis and read that story. You'll chuckle---but the story is all true! Keep coming back to my site--and thanks.