Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inconvenient Dissent

You've got to read, if you haven't already, Mark Steyn's Sunday article in the O.C. Register titled "Conformity is now the new dissent". It made me laugh out loud. He takes issue with the White House's request to send them any "fishy" emails we receive regarding the Healthcare Bill at

Here's a novel idea, why not write a bill in plain language that is clear to everyone instead of some gobbledy-gook that requires a translation? Then we wouldn't have to depend on someone elses spin in an email sent to us. Seems to me it is just a great distraction to write this "gazillion-page health care reform entirely unread by the House of Representatives or the Senate" that causes people to get apoplectic about it. That way we can concentrate on fighting amongst ourselves regarding what the Healthcare bill really says instead of watching the economy is go down the tube or be concerned that the Federal Reserve is printing money by the barrel full.

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